MediCruit - Digital Symposium 2018

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Digital Symposium 2018

Digital Symposium 2018

Park Plaza, London Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TJ

27/04/18 - 28/04/18
Digital Symposium 2018
Digital Symposium 2018
Digital Symposium 2018

The Digital Symposium – The Ultimate Digital Experience

As digitized healthcare becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, dentistry must adapt to meet the demands and expectations which place patients at the centre of treatment planning. Over the past decade we have seen a digital transformation like no other. From riding trends such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D printing, home health technology, biotechnology, health sensors and trackers to personalized medicine and genomics.

It is truly remarkable how far healthcare has come and dentistry is no exception. Just as is the case in other medical specialties, disruptive innovations will have a huge impact on how dentistry will be practiced and how patients will take care of themselves in the future. Take oral health as an example – everyone knows how crucial good oral care is and how strongly it is connected to overall health. Now thanks to new technology, diagnoses can be made with more confidence and greater clarity, making conservative treatments easier to perform and putting prevention at heart of dentistry.

With healthcare moving at such a stratospheric rate the future of dentistry offers a unique opportunity for cooperation between humans and technology. These advances are elevating the precision and efficiency of treatment to unprecedented levels, and providing truly outstanding patient outcomes, faster than ever thought possible.

This event aims to further the learning process for dental professionals, driving innovative solutions in terms of how we predict, diagnose, manage, treat and prevent illness. Taking part in the Digital Symposium will enable you to see emerging technologies and understand how they will impact the care you deliver. Featuring the finest group of educational and motivational speakers ever assembled at a digital dentistry conference in the UK, everyone who attends the Digital Symposium will walk away with a vision and a plan for a better future, and that’s exactly what we are setting out to achieve.


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